What SB Workshop is

What Seafarers Boost Workshop is

The “Seafarers’ Boost” Workshop targets making their life better on board.

The Seafarers’ Boost workshop is based on both the team dynamics and personal dynamics experiences of the participants, to foster personal growth and awareness through the channels of various artistic practices.

Participants gain greater self-awareness through activities that are meaningful, creative, participatory, and enjoyable. They also learn to develop their potential and shape the best version of themselves, which strengthens their self-confidence and the positive impact they have on the environment in which they move, both in their personal life and in their professional life.

Seafarers’ Boost Workshop

In the Seafarers’ Boost workshop, a diverse range of techniques is employed, individually or in combination, to foster self-awareness, strengthen self-confidence, enhance communication skills, and shape a desired personal image. These techniques are carefully designed to engage participants and encourage their personal growth. Here are some of the powerful techniques utilized:

1. Improvisation: Through improvisation exercises, participants explore spontaneous self-expression, adaptability, and creativity. They learn to think on their feet, embrace uncertainty, and develop their communication skills.

2. Theatrical Game – Role Playing: Role-playing activities allow participants to step into different characters, situations, and perspectives. This technique helps develop empathy, interpersonal skills, and a deeper understanding of diverse viewpoints.

3. Dramatization: By engaging in dramatic exercises, participants can explore and express their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. This technique encourages self-reflection and emotional awareness.

4. Simulations: Simulations recreate real-life scenarios, allowing participants to practice problem-solving, decision-making, and effective communication. This technique builds confidence and enhances critical thinking skills.

5. Corridors of Consciousness: This technique involves guided visualization and introspection to explore one’s thoughts, beliefs, and values. It promotes self-reflection, clarity, and a deeper understanding of one’s inner world.

6. Individual and Collective Roles: Participants explore different roles and responsibilities within a group dynamic. This technique enhances teamwork, leadership skills, and self-awareness of individual strengths and contributions.

7. Animation Techniques: Utilizing animation techniques, participants engage in creative storytelling and visualization exercises. This fosters imagination, self-expression, and the development of communication skills through visual mediums.

8. Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises: Breathing exercises promote relaxation, focus, and mindfulness. By incorporating diaphragmatic breathing techniques, participants learn to manage stress, improve concentration, and enhance their overall well-being.

9. Acting Methods: Drawing from various acting methods, participants delve into character development, emotional expression, and body language. These techniques enhance self-confidence, authenticity, and the ability to communicate effectively.

10. Emotion Management and Expression Techniques: Participants learn techniques to manage and express emotions constructively. This helps develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and effective communication in personal and professional interactions.

11. Techniques of Expression and Use of Body Language: Through body language exercises, participants learn to use nonverbal communication effectively. This includes posture, gestures, facial expressions, and vocal tone, which contribute to building self-confidence and effective communication skills.

12. Active Listening Techniques: Active listening exercises promote attentive and empathetic listening, improving communication and interpersonal skills. Participants learn to understand others’ perspectives and communicate effectively with clarity and understanding.

These techniques, combined with a supportive and nurturing environment, provide a powerful platform for seafarers to develop self-awareness, boost self-confidence, enhance communication skills, and shape a desired personal image. The Seafarers’ Boost method empowers participants to unlock their full potential and thrive both personally and professionally.

Seafarers’ Boost!

Discover the groundbreaking program that’s transforming the seafaring industry, taking well-being to new horizons. While online support platforms have made strides in supporting mental health, we’ve taken it a step further. Introducing a cutting-edge initiative that provides seafarers with immersive, in-person experiences that enhance their everyday lives both on board and beyond.

Beyond the ship’s confines, we’re curating unforgettable recreational activities that transport seafarers to a world of excitement and camaraderie. Picture exhilarating sports tournaments, movie nights under the stars, and vibrant hobby clubs that spark passions. Even during port visits, we arrange immersive shore excursions, enabling seafarers to explore and savor new destinations.

But it’s not just about fun and games. We value seafarers’ professional growth and invest in their future. Our comprehensive training programs, workshops, and certifications empower them to excel in their careers, ensuring personal fulfillment and paving the way for advancement.

Seafarers’ mental well-being remains at the core of our mission. With onboard access to qualified mental health professionals, confidential counseling services, and supportive peer networks, we’re committed to providing a safety net that nurtures emotional resilience and fosters a sense of belonging.

In this new era, communication is key. We’ve forged robust channels that facilitate open dialogue between seafarers and management, creating a culture of trust and mutual understanding. Your voice matters, and we actively encourage your feedback to continuously refine and perfect our offerings.

Join us as we embark on a voyage to revolutionize seafarers’ well-being. Together, we’ll unlock a world of possibilities, where every moment spent at sea is enriched, and seafarers are valued as the heartbeat of our industry. Experience the difference firsthand and be part of a brighter future on board.

Let’s make life at sea better together!