The workshop applies:

  • To all the seafarers working in the cruise industry, oil & gas and offshore industry.
  • To all companies that provide mental health facilities to the marine industry.
  • To training centers.
  • To crew management companies / manning agencies / ship companies
  • To all the companies that would like to keep their seafarers and employees happy, break their working routine, care for their well-being and mental health.
  • To hospitals and their staff


SB Workshop in action

  • SB Workshop addresses to teams of max 30 – 50 persons.
  • Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • To be most effective we recommend a program of 3 sessions minimum.
  • It can be tailored to company’s needs.
  • It can be performed on board or on shore, in person or online.
  • All the equipment is provided by the SB’s team. (That might be a sound box, white pages and markers)
  • The sessions can be performed by one or two animators of our team depending on the location and the number of participants.