SB Workshop Achieves

A. Team building / team working which leads to:

i. Problem Solving. Working along with your coworkers can make problem-solving simple. The group can come up with a fix or a fresh approach.  If you work alone, it’s possible that you won’t get the same outcomes and that you’ll take longer to complete a task.

ii. Improve Communication. As there are opportunities for open discussion and team members can cooperate more easily when working with your other shipmates, you can increase communication.

iii. Stronger Working Relationships. You feel good and develop a stronger working relationship with your coworkers when you collaborate and succeed together.  If all goes well, the improved working relationship may eventually lead to mutual trust and friendship.

B. Effective & meaningful communication

Strong communication abilities are beneficial in all area of life, including work, relationships, and everything in between. From a commercial perspective, communication is the foundation of all transactions. To understand information more properly and rapidly, both you and other people, you must have effective communication skills.

Effective communication:

i. strengthens team building                           ii boosts growth

iii. increases inventiveness                             iv. improves productivity

v. boosts effectiveness                                   vi. increases loyalty

vii. lowers conflict mitigation                          viii. improves worker engagement

ix. solves difficulties                                        x. improves abilities

C. Recognition and management of the emotions

One of the most crucial abilities you can possess is the ability to recognize your emotions and learn how to control them.

Understanding and controlling your emotions improves your ability to ask for help, be a better friend, feel more in charge of your life, detect unpleasant feelings that may trigger negative thoughts, and handle stress.

We can achieve it by using the power of art!

D. Self-confidence – 12 benefits of greater self-confidence

1. Being at your best when under pressure.

2. Influencing others.

3. Possessing executive presence and leadership.

4. Exuding a more positive attitude.

5. A sense of value.

6. Rising to the top.

7. Being sexier.

8. Lowering negative thoughts.

9. Feeling less anxious and more fearless.

10. Being less restricted by social anxiety.

11. Increasing one’s energy and motivation to act.

12. Being happier.