SB Method

The “Seafarers’ Boost” method emerged from the pressing need to address mental health challenges among seafarers. Historically overlooked, the demanding nature of their work and isolation at sea highlighted the urgency for proactive measures. This method emphasizes preventive strategies, early intervention, and accessible support services tailored to the unique needs of seafarers. It marks a pivotal shift towards prioritizing the mental well-being of those crucial to global maritime operations.

1.Developed to meet urgent mental health needs.

2.Prioritizes prevention, early intervention, and tailored support.

3.Shifts focus to safeguarding mental health of seafarers.

4.Draws on team and personal dynamics experiences.

5.Fosters personal growth and awareness.

6.Utilizes various practices for implementation.

Our team comprises seasoned psychologists and mental health professionals with deep insights into the intricate workings of the maritime sector. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch services aimed at enhancing the well-being, performance, and resilience of seafarers and maritime personnel.

➔Clinical Psychologists

➔Mental Health Experts

➔Well-Being Coordinators

➔Research and Development Team

➔Administrative Support Staff

Seafarers Boost Program: Promotes professional and personal growth.

➢Enhances operational performance and job satisfaction.

➢Creates safer, improved, and more productive workplaces.

Comprehensive Self-Development:

➢Equips with communication, stress management, and conflict resolution tools.

➢Holistic approach fosters both professional and personal thriving.

Collaboration and Teamwork:

➢Instills values of teamwork and effective leadership in maritime settings.

Well-being Focus:

➢Prioritizes physical, mental, and emotional health of seafarers.

➢Emphasizes self-care, anxiety management, and overall well-being.

Professionalism and Ethics:

➢Maximizes performance while upholding ethical and professional standards.

Personalized Progress Opportunities:

❖Targets personal and professional growth.

❖Allows customization of treatments and learning experiences.

❖Encourages identification of strengths, areas for improvement, and goal-setting in a stigma-free environment.