Our History

Seafarers Boost was conceptualized and established by a group of professionals passionate about seafarer well-being and personal growth. Recognizing the unique challenges and demands faced by seafarers in their careers, they sought to create a program that would address these needs in a creative and engaging way.

The founders of Seafarers Boost drew upon their expertise in theater techniques, recognizing the power of storytelling, role-playing, and experiential learning to facilitate personal and professional development. They believed that incorporating these methods into a program specifically tailored for seafarers would be both innovative and effective.

After extensive research and consultation with seafarers, industry experts, and psychologists, the founders developed the framework for Seafarers Boost. They carefully curated a range of theater-based techniques, adapted them to the unique context of the maritime industry, and combined them with self-development principles and practices.

Seafarers Boost was then introduced as a pioneering program, offering seafarers an immersive and interactive learning experience. Through a series of workshops, role-plays, improvisation exercises, and reflective activities, seafarers are encouraged to explore their personal and professional growth, develop essential skills, and build resilience.

As the program gained recognition and positive feedback from seafarers and industry professionals, Seafarers Boost expanded its reach and impact. It established partnerships with maritime organizations, training institutions, and recruitment agencies, enabling more seafarers to benefit from its unique self-development approach.

With time, Seafarers Boost continues to evolve and refine its methodologies, incorporating feedback, research findings, and emerging trends in personal development. The program remains committed to supporting seafarers in their journey towards holistic growth, empowerment, and success in the maritime industry.