Seafarers Boost Method

Making Life at Sea Better, Together!

Personal Development

Communication skills, leadership development, teamwork, adaptability, emotional intelligence, resilience, and cultural awareness.

Innovative & Effective

The Seafarers’ Boost method is based on both the team dynamics and personal dynamics experiences of the seafarers, to foster personal growth and awareness through the channels of various practices.

Addressed to Everyone

This method is applicable to everyone in maritime industry, addressed both to seafarers and people on land.

What SB Method is

The “Seafarers’ Boost” method seeks to improve the quality of life for seafarers both at sea and on land.

SB Method Services

SB method emphasizes preventive strategies, early intervention, and accessible support services tailored to the unique needs of seafarers.

“ I find it very interesting. It would be great for cargo ships , since the life of the seafarers on board is hard and they do have long term contracts. It would break their routine. “

Captain Giakoumatos – Manning Agency

“The idea is brilliant!!! This one is completely new comparing to what is be done so far. A lot of potentials and lot to develop with it.”

Mattias Ottonson – OIM / Noble Corporation

“There were always crew that was facing well being issues on board and were looking for a comforting chat with us at the medical team. They get a lot of pressure and it would be great if they could express themselves in a creative way. I find the idea really interesting.”

Nikola Nikolicic – Cruise Nurse DOE

Seafarers Boost is proudly affiliated with MHG

The Seafarers boost program is proudly affiliated with the esteemed Maritime and Healthcare Group, a prestigious recruitment agency known for its exceptional services in the maritime industry and healthcare sector.

Let us work together to make life at sea better!

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